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Therapeutic Swing Opens

A wheelchair swing at Gouin ParkVPD is pleased to announce the opening of the Therapeutic Swing at Gouin Park. The Therapeutic Swing makes it possible for those in a wheelchair, children and adults alike, to participate in this classic playground experience without the need to be transferred out of their chair. Users simply roll the wheelchair onto the platform and lock it in. Note that the swing is not motorized, and must be pushed like a traditional swing.

There is no charge to use the Liberty Swing, but residents and nonresidents must register as an intended user (or user groups) to gain access. Please call for details. Photo ID is required. Once registered, authorized users will be given a registration code (found on their receipt) to access the gate and a key to operate the swing. The code and key are good for only the current season. Keys must be returned at the end of the season, and new codes will be issued each year.

The Therapeutic Swing is the result of many community-based fundraising efforts supporting the "Swing into Kindness" fundraising campaign. The swing is located at Gouin Park, 2400 Scott Street, Franklin Park. It is open seasonally, April 1 through October 31.

Sand Volleyball Court

Sand volleyball court improvement The sand volleyball court at Gouin Park is ready for play! VPD has reset and straightened the poles, installed a new net, and levelled the sand. No registration necessary to use the sand volley ball court.


Bataan Garden Improvements

A new signage at Bataan ParkThe garden plots at Bataan Park have seen improvements. The garden area has been expanded and the number of garden beds available for rental has been increased. Further improvements to the gardens consist of expanded fencing, new surface of coarse gravel, updated garden hose system, and new signage. Rental season is from May to November. Call back in 2021 to reserve your garden bed.

Improvements at Bulger Park

New roof on Bulger HallBulger Hall has received a new roof. In addition, the pavement between Bulger Hall and the maintenance garage has been resurfaced to correct the pitch and improve drainage.